Hope, Gratitude, The Olympics, and You

LONDON 2012- It’s remarkable. Numerous Olympic athletes, along with their friends and family, have livened up the atmosphere in London. I was here last summer and today there’s a marked difference; the town is filled with hope and positivity. It’s too bad I can’t bottle this up and take it home. Every four years Olympic […]

“MAKERS: Women Who Make America”: Q&A with Filmmaker Dyllan McGee

So what if International Women’s Day was last week? Filmmakers Dyllan McGee, Betsy West and Peter Kunhardt have created MAKERS, a digital platform that encourages us to celebrate contemporary influential women, every day. MAKERS, a project developed by AOL & PBS, has only begun as a digital interface. The feature length documentary will air on PBS in […]

A Little Daily Inspiration: Scott Gerber, YEC and #FixYoungAmerica

Since 2008, I’ve heard endless complaints about the lack of jobs. Friends were disappointed to enter a less than stellar job market. Some even had to move home to form what is now known as a shadow household, a home where adult children have reintegrated. Parents were frustrated to see their kids come home and […]

Cleveland Inspired: Chris Harris, Lauren Lanzaretta & Color of Love

Ok, so I usually call this post “A little daily inspiration.” But since I’m from Cleveland, and generally speaking the only articles people share about my hometown talk about it being the most depressed city, or the least livable city, I figured it was time to share something inspiring straight out of C-Town. Chris Harris and […]