A Novel Approach to Education: No Box Society #DailyInspiration

What happens when you bring together a group of teens, remove the conventions of a classroom, encourage openness, and support everything from creative projects to emotional growth? No Box Society Since finishing grad school, I haven’t set foot into anything that resembles a classroom. When I heard Jennifer Wong speak about her non-traditional after school […]

Hope, Gratitude, The Olympics, and You

LONDON 2012- It’s remarkable. Numerous Olympic athletes, along with their friends and family, have livened up the atmosphere in London. I was here last summer and today there’s a marked difference; the town is filled with hope and positivity. It’s too bad I can’t bottle this up and take it home. Every four years Olympic […]

A Little Daily Inspiration: Mike Flynn, Writer and Co-Founder of The Table Read Initiative

Good day! It’s wonderful. I’ve found that I don’t have to look far for a little motivation. Seriously, there are days when I either don’t want to do anything or feel completely overwhelmed by pending tasks. But the moment I take a second to admire and acknowledge the varying successes of people in my community, […]

A Little Daily Inspiration: Justin Forsett, Wale Forrester, Wendell Hunter and ShowerPill

  Recently, I read a New York Times Op Ed article, which discussed how student athletes were, often, less deserving of their college admission. As a former college athlete, I was enraged. So much so that I wrote a response. It was a long rant about the amazing capabilities of athletes, especially considering that, in […]

A Little Daily Inspiration: Rafael Casal

It’s Monday and I don’t know about you all, but It’s always nice to start my week with a little inspiration. The New Year encouraged me to commit to a number of personal goals I’d been putting off. After wavering between multiple paths, I realized that I had to be specific to successfully move forward, […]