Catching-Up: Halle Richardson (Romancing the Stones, HAR Jewelry)

Romancing the Stones and Tiffany Atlas


I love updates! This will be the first of many for folks featured on Thankful.  

Jewelry Designer Halle Richardson has been busy perfecting her craft. While working on her own designs, she hosts a blog, Romancing the Stones, where she discusses “jewelry and other shiny things that catch her eye. ” Really, her blog is an extension of her passion, a way that she stays educated and informed on happenings in the world of design. Richardson has quite the eye, if you’re in need in styling suggestions check out her blog.



Because of her work on Romancing the Stones, Richardson was asked to co-host an event with Tiffany & Co. and Marie Claire Magazine in Atlanta. The event celebrated Tiffany & Co.’s release of their Atlas Collection. Richardson was joined by co-hosts Paris Rouzati of Sweet Lemon and Jade Lee of Jade Lee EventsLast night’s event had a wonderful turnout and was the perfect example of what awaits, if you pursue your passions. If you’re out there working hard, keep on keepin’ on. 



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