Artist Spotlight: Maja Ruznic and Joshua Hagler (Drift)



Last year, artist Maja Ruznic was kind enough to provide us with a little inspiration. Now, she’s holding a Kickstarter for a fantastic project, Drift


For Drift, Ruznic and her partner, artist Joshua Hagler, will travel around the world. Everyday, they will create a new piece of work. Drift will be the final compilation of those pieces.  The book is “based on the meaning of and search for home,” which is very appropriate considering Ruznic’s experiences as a child refugee. The pair will make several stops through Europe and Jordan, and will eventually hold visual storytelling workshops with Syrian refugees. The hope is that these workshops will help refugees cope with and express their trauma.


Ruznic and Hagler have 15 days remaining to reach their $17,000 goal. Check out their Kickstarter!


~ Thankful

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