Artist Spotlight: Alicia Zakon (Author, Laundry & Love Notes)


Here’s a project and author that I really applaud. Alicia Zakon, a Berkeley Grad who’s currently an educator in the Bay Area, has just completed her first book of poems: Laundry & Love Notes. This project has been a true labor of love, as it’s a compilation of work from as early as Zakon’s 4th grade year. What’s wonderful is that Laundry & Love Notes shows Zakon’s development from a girl to a woman.


Her poetic journey is self-published and she’s now holding a Kickstarter campaign that serves as a joint book release and fundraiser, for 15 free poetry/personal development workshops for young women across the country. Zakon found her truth through words and hopes to help other young women do the same. Tentative workshop tour stops include: Oakland, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and DC. I’m impressed that she’s found a way to fulfill her dreams while helping others find theirs.

An interview with her will soon follow –  but for now, her campaign is approaching its last 3 days with 38% to go. Have a look at her Kickstarter page here and check out the trailer for Laundry & Love Notes below. If you love her intention but can’t donate, spread the word.

And, if you’re out there working on a passion project, hopefully you’ll find a way to give back in the same way Alicia Zakon has.

Contact for Alicia Zakon:


Twitter: @AliciaZakon


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