A Novel Approach to Education: No Box Society #DailyInspiration

What happens when you bring together a group of teens, remove the conventions of a classroom, encourage openness, and support everything from creative projects to emotional growth? No Box Society Since finishing grad school, I haven’t set foot into anything that resembles a classroom. When I heard Jennifer Wong speak about her non-traditional after school […]

A Little Daily Inspiration: Nikki Goddard, Co-Owner of The Barrel Room SF

  Step 1: Figure out what you want to do. Step 2: Do that thing. Simple, right? Not quite. Thankfully, Nikki Goddard had the first step covered. Wine was her thing. Next was figuring out how to create a profession she loved. Like many of us, she started on the ground floor, soaking in as […]

Cleveland Inspired: Chris Harris, Lauren Lanzaretta & Color of Love

Ok, so I usually call this post “A little daily inspiration.” But since I’m from Cleveland, and generally speaking the only articles people share about my hometown talk about it being the most depressed┬ácity, or the least livable city, I figured it was time to share something inspiring straight out of C-Town. Chris Harris and […]