One Day I Too Go Fly: Documentary Spotlighting International Education

  As producers, we’re tasked with creating material that resonates with an audience. We have the added responsibility to create content with a positive affect. One must always strive to feed minds with something nourishing. For the past year, I’ve been producing a documentary, One Day I Too Go Fly, with my producing partner and […]

A Little Daily Inspiration: Jenny McIver, Round the World in 30 Days

I spent this past Sunday evening planning my ‘Round The World’ trip on Star Alliance. Please note that I did not purchase my ticket, I only planned. On my itinerary? Santorini, Johannesburg, Addis Ababa, Barcelona, Florence and on. So, what contributed to my sudden urge to indulge in my wanderlust? Jenny McIver and her travel […]

Hope, Gratitude, The Olympics, and You

LONDON 2012- It’s remarkable. Numerous Olympic athletes, along with their friends and family, have livened up the atmosphere in London. I was here last summer and today there’s a marked difference; the town is filled with hope and positivity. It’s too bad I can’t bottle this up and take it home. Every four years Olympic […]

A Little Daily Inspiration: Lindsey Day and Serena Watson, Co-Founders of Made Woman Magazine

The media hasn’t provided much by way of entertainment for Women. Case in point: Hollywood Exes. Content providers seem to believe that women are craving drama, catfights and the excesses associated with the celebrity lifestyle. Thankfully, Serena Watson and Lindsey Day have created online magazine, Made Woman Mag, to as Lindsey says, “Provide progressive, positive […]

A Little Daily Inspiration: Lena Waithe, Producer, Dear White People

  This is not a post about race. This is a post about independent filmmakers bringing a “non-commercial,” “non-mainstream,” labor of love into the national spotlight. As a filmmaker on the outskirts of the studio system, one must be entrepreneurial, innovative and have a lot of faith in their project. Justin Simien (Writer/Director), Lena Waithe […]