Spring Cleaning

Wow, it’s three days into spring and I’m already wondering where the time has gone. We’re all familiar with the traditions of spring. It’s time to commence spring-cleaning, get outdoors and be active. In general, spring is a time for renewal.

With that said, I thought that today would be an appropriate time to revisit my New Year’s Resolutions. You didn’t forget already, did you? Only 84 days ago, most of us made individual goals. Whether we wanted to be more positive in 2012, to eat healthier, or to try new things, we all made promises towards self-improvement.

Looking back at my own resolutions, I’ve done pretty well. I’ve dedicated more time to the things I love and I’ve managed to live a healthier lifestyle. There are a few moments when I catch myself falling back on old habits. Occasionally, I worry too much about what others are thinking. But this is one of the many reasons why I’m thankful for spring. The time of renewal allows me to sit back and re-evaluate my plans. At this point, I’ve been working towards my goals long enough to determine if they’re truly opportunities for growth, or if I’m needlessly stressing myself out by not eating sweets. Today, I’m performing a spring-cleaning of sorts with my resolutions. Out with the negatives – but the positives will remain.

So, how have your resolutions been going?


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What Are You Thankful For?

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