Artist Spotlight: True Blues

True Blues

Music has always been present in my life. I remember hearing Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald’s lyrics float from my Grandmother’s room into the hallway. Often times, I’d play old vinyls on our record player in the family room. As a kid, I had no idea who The Sugar Hill Gang was, but I sure did turn the music up and dance until I exhausted myself. Little did I know that my Grandmother’s favorite Jazz musicians and The Sugar Hill Gang, while very different genres, shared a common root – the Blues.

True Blues is a transmedia effort towards the cultural preservation of Blues history. Daniel Patinkin (producer/director) and Corey Harris’s (Producer) project includes a feature-length documentary (currently in production); concert tour, including a stop at The Howard Theater in DC; and a CD. The documentary examines Blues’s influence on other genres such as, contemporary Jazz, Hip Hop and Rock as well as the works of current Blues musicians. True Blues‘s first concert will feature, Taj Mahal (Grammy Nominated; video below), Corey Harris (True Blues Producer and MacArthur Fellow), Guy Davis and Alvin Youngblood Hart. If you’re in the DC area on April 22, I encourage you to attend. You’ll get a chance to hear talented musicians and scope out the theater’s $29 million renovation.

Patinkin and Harris have started an IndieGoGo campaign. They’re hoping to raise $15,000 by Friday, March 30th. Check out their fundraising page! Contribute for the great perks, or even for the simple fact that, you want your children to understand what I did not, music’s profound cultural influence.

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