It Would Have Been Easier if Rome Were Built in a Day

I’ve heard since childhood that “patience is a virtue,” and that all things, such as big events, death, good news and bad, come in threes. Well, I’ve spoken to two people this week who brought up their lack of patience. And, I guess I would make it a fortuitous three. It’s great and quite common to have a series of long-term goals. If you have ambitious career plans, are intent on getting married, having children, buying a house or running a marathon, there are several steps you must take along the road to your ultimate goal. This can become exhausting. In working hard towards each goal it’s easy to want to just get there already. But in recent days when I’ve found myself ready to finally accomplish something, I just remember that everything has value. Each and every step you or I take is a valuable learning experience and a little piece of the finished pie. I take pride in the finishing of every detail be it big or small. So, even if the only thing you did today was skip a milkshake in preparation for that marathon, congratulate yourself for having big plans and taking a positive step in following through.

Patience and fortitude conquer all things.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy  Friday everyone!



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