Artist Spotlight: Matthew Conrad, Paul Watson and The Soccermen

Good morning all! Hopefully you Patriots fans have recovered from Ahmad Bradshaw’s touchdown.

Now for the important stuff– Artist, friend and fellow USC Alum Matt Conrad, has just finished production on his first documentary film, The Soccermen. Matt joined forces with his friend, journalist Paul Watson, to document their experience coaching the world’s worst National Soccer Team.  Their journey brought them to Pohnpei where, after months of working with novice footballers and with no funding, they eventually lead Pohnpei’s National Soccer Team to their first ever win.

In addition to this film, Paul has written a book, Up Pohnpei, detailing their endeavors. Up Pohnpei will be released this week and has already received great reviews from ESPN and the Financial Times.

With production in the can, Matt and Paul have launched a Kickstarter campaign in the effort to finish post-production. For those of you unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it is a source of crowd funding. Independent professionals across every field upload information in the hopes of starting or completing a passion project. Matt and Paul need to raise $35,000 in the next 52 days. Kickstarter is all or nothing, so if these men don’t raise the full amount they won’t receive a dime.

At its heart, The Soccermen illustrates how two mens’ passions were able to change the outlook of a nation. If you have any inclination to help these independent filmmakers, please visit their Kickstarter, The Soccermen Kickstarter and donate or, at the very least, spread the word. It takes a village people!

Thank you Matt and Paul for having the courage to pursue a project on your own and for providing a little inspiration for this Monday!

Happy Monday Y’all!


Soccermen Website

BBC Article 

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