Going Home: Cleveland

Halle, Chinue, Brook


1. Everyone says “Please” and “Thank You.”

2.There’s greenery everywhere.

3. Fresh Air! I can go for a long run and not have an asthma attack!

4. Gas is $3.15 a gallon. I saw one station that said $2.89… I thought about bottling some up.

5. No traffic. You can get ANYWHERE in 30min max.

*The above are just a few for you Cleveland haters. I’ll come up with more if requested.


My family and I traveled back to Cleveland this week. After a rough couple of days we finally brought my Grandmother home. Now I know, she is resting peacefully, seeing clearly and waiting patiently for our eventual final return.

Despite the circumstances of this trip, I must say, being in C-Town was quite nice. I’m thankful that the important things are just as I left them, and that the things that needed changing have improved. I know people complain about the weather in Cleveland (myself included), but the last two days were 60 and sunny! Who can complain about that?

I was only in town a few days but I did my best to see those important to me (I missed a few), eat my favorite foods, do a drive by of my old house and watch my niece compete in a volleyball match! On top of all of this, I saw family members that I hadn’t seen in almost 10 years! One or two didn’t recognize me.

For a girl who dreamed of getting the heck out of Ohio, it was definitely nice to be in Cleveland. Maybe I had to experience something drastically different to appreciate where I came from. I hope everyone gets the chance to give thanks to going home.


My favorite market! Miles!

2 thoughts on “Going Home: Cleveland

  1. Great Blog with no negative vibes, because we know happiness is a state of mind — impressive!! A Much appreciated down HOME Cleveland review.

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