Who Cares? Who Cares!

Whose House? Hawks House!

That brilliant  girl is my niece. No, not the one in the T- Shirt, the one in the Hawk costume. Thanks to Facebook, I found out she’s the mascot at my Alma Mater (her soon to be Alma Mater). As soon as I saw this picture, I thought… “How cool!? That’s awesome that Nya’s doing that, but I couldn’t have been our school’s mascot, people would have thought I was crazy.”

My thought immediately following that first thought was… “What in the world?! That doesn’t even make sense.”

This got me to thinking, how many times have I chosen not do something because of what I thought other people would think? For that reason I’ve compiled a list of things that I thought twice about doing, why I thought twice about doing them and what the potential positive outcome would have been had I followed through and said, Who Cares!

Wear my favorite pair of Lime Green Sparkly Jeans to HS I’m Crazy Oh wait… I did that
Ask my crush to homecoming I’m Desperate We could be married with 5 kids… Ok  not really, but maybe I would have had a lot of fun?
Go to that birthday party alone I’m Weird I could have made a new friend or caught up with an old one
Buy those UGG slippers with the fur inside I Have bad taste I would have had one less blister from the high heels I bought instead
Make that phone call after I already emailed I’m pushy I would have gotten my information 24 hours earlier. I finally did call the next day.
Write this Post  I’m silly One person might decide “I’m silly for letting people effect my decisions.” 

The people closest to me will notice that most of these things don’t matter to me anymore. But whenever I catch myself making decisions unnecessarily more complicated than they need to be by factoring in others’ opinions, I take a step back and start over. I’m sure there are incidences that I could add to this list. Hopefully you don’t have any- or if you do you’ll able to catch yourself before you care too much.

What have you thought twice about doing?


What Are You Thankful For?

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