Oh, What a Difference a Minute Makes!

Lately, I’ve realized that many of us have time that goes unused. I don’t mean to be unfair. I should note, I don’t think that YOU have time that’s being wasted. Only you can know that for sure. I definitely see areas in my life where I can better manage my time, and I’ve talked to friends who share similar sentiments. For instance, that summer between my Freshman and Sophmore year of college when I thought, after I’m done with track this summer I will go home and relax. I did relax. I’d wake up around 10am (ahem, maybe 11?), not workout (this was a break, duh!), make some lunch, go over my friend Cj’s house and hang out. The times certainly do change! Last Friday I decided to wake up early and do a little writing. I got up at 6 and by 10am I’d done a lot of writing. Hmm… I wonder what I could have done with those extra hours back in the day. I do my best not to live in the past, but sometimes I look back to see what I could have done better. The hope is, I’ll identify that action and implement it in the future- at least until I decide that action, too, was wrong. I’d like to think I’m always evolving for the better.  I can only hope.

Since I’m currently embarking on a journey to achieve my own career goals, I’m awe struck by the amount of time I actually have in the day, and constantly trying to figure out how to use it better. I’m also extremely interested in how those further along in their careers are fairing. Even if they aren’t in the same industry, I like to hear how they got started, what decisions they’re making now, how they’re adapting to the always changing economy, how they continue to sharpen their skill set and nurture the passion they have for their business?

A friend of mine posted an interesting article by Huffington Post contributor, Porter Gale. The former VP of Marketing for Virgin America resigned to pursue other career goals. It looks as though she will be doing a series of posts on entrepreneurship and career changes. It could be interesting! Read her first post HERE and follow if you’d like.

It’s always nice when people are willing to share their experiences with you!


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