Artist Spotlight: Black Americana on Indiegogo and in Vogue Italia

I guess I will post more than once today, but only because I came across this awesome photo-essay! The project, Black Americana, is a collaboration between Creative Producer, Brandon Littlejohn and Photographer, Rod Gailes OBC. The above photo and those on their site are the first installment of what will be a four-part series. The first part […]

The Good with the Bad

Saturday morning I woke up to my friend Rosa saying, “I have some not so good news. Someone broke in your car.” My first thought was, “Seriously? What could they possibly want in there?” My second thought was, “Oh crap (well, maybe it was another word). My computer.” I’d like to think that I’m a […]

Everyone Needs One

Need a Job? Who doesn’t? As a recent graduate, I’ve been interviewing. I haven’t found the right fit yet but thankfully I’m young and there are many options available to me. This afternoon I was driving down Santa Monica Boulevard and ran into Mr. Michael A. Bender (pictured above). After reading his sign, I decided […]

Wonderful Snapshots

My cousin, Chinue, recently returned from South Africa. She’d been before, but this was her first trip back in 10 years. Given her enthusiasm for the country, I’m convinced she secretly wants to live there (or at least have a vacation spot). While pictures from her trip included the obligatory sunrise-on-the-beach shots they also included […]

Welcome and Relocation!

Wow! It’s been 3 years and a lot has changed. I wouldn’t say that I’m a different woman now, but I can say that I’ve matured. In the last 1,095 days I’ve: completed my undergraduate degree, received my masters, moved to Los Angeles, lost a parent, failed and succeeded at things I love, broken-up, made-up, made new […]