What Do You Do? #2

In my initial post, What Do You Do?, I shared my disappointment with the intention of this question. I noted that no one actually wants to know what you do (the list would be endless). What they want to know is how you make a living.

So, this is post #2 as I continue to ask readers, What Do You Do? I’m looking for the real answer.

NAME: Jayne

LOCATION: Washington, DC

WORK: Health Research


What do you do?


Above all else, I’m a Mother. I’m an Actor sometimes.


When did you realize you had an interest in acting?


My daughters were taking a theater class during summer break and I became the stage manager for the production.


What is your favorite part of performing?


Manifesting and developing a character from a script. It is so very therapeutic and creative.


Do you have a preference for theater, film or television? If so why?


I absolutely adore theater. Theater is alive and each performance is an opportunity to develop a character and showcase the depth of feeling and emotion.

What is your dream role?



Can you suggest a few resources for actors on in the DC Area?


There are several resources in DC:

  •  WIFV (Women in Film and Video)
  • MAUTH (Mid Atlantic Union Talent Hotline)
  •  Galvanize – Mission: To stimulate people into sudden activity; to provide a network for artists and others in the DC metropolitan area and beyond, specifically those of the African diaspora, in order to connect, support and encourage each other because “we are all far too beautiful to be so seen so little”
  • Brian Draganuk Connects
  • DC_Theatre (DC Theatre Connection)
  • A-ACT-DC (African-American Collective Theater)




Many things, daughters, family, the opportunity to travel and visit other cultures, and of course,  LIFE!

Thank you for sharing, Jayne! I hope you continue to find time for what you love.

Anyone who’d like to be a part of the next What Do You Do?, please contact, Thankfulforamillion@gmail.com.


What Are You Thankful For?

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