Thank goodness it’s Monday, get it? Okay, I’ve never heard anyone say that. I’ve only heard complaints about the end of the weekend. So, in lieu of complaining about the beginning of a new week, I’d like to share 3 things that I’m thankful for.

1. Second Chances

For everyone already skipping through their week and looking forward to Friday, consider the following. We’re all liable to mess up. At least in my case, I learn by trying. And, often, learn more from failing than succeeding. So, in order for me to even have an opportunity to use what I’ve learned, I need second chances. They don’t come along often, but I’m ready to take advantage when they do. I’d like to think of my Monday as a new opportunity. No matter what happened professionally or personally last week, Monday is my chance to try again.


2. Close Friends

You know that person you can call and vise versa, no matter the situation: You’re stressed at work, you’re worried about family, you have an exciting secret, you need advice, or you’re bored. I don’t know what I’d do without them. They’ve been as important to me as family. And, I’m very selective about who my close friends are, so they become a part of my family.


3. ‘Aha!’ Moments

People say that  ideas are a dime a dozen. That may be true, but an ‘Aha!’ moment is a must if you want to have a good idea. It’s that moment where you figure everything out, or at least something that’s been stumping you. It’s that moment when you come up with an idea so good that you have to write it down. Most of my ‘Aha!’ moments come right before I’m going to sleep. It could be because I’m finally clearing my mind. Whatever the case, I keep a box full of index cards in my bedside table. If I have an idea while I’m trying to get shut-eye, I turn over immediately to write it down.

I hope that you all are embracing your Monday and taking advantage of the fresh start! When the beginning of a week seems daunting, I just give thanks to important things in my life. Now it’s your turn! Click the link below to share, or share in the comments section. And, by the way, it’s Teacher Appreciation Week. So, if you see a teacher, give thanks! Happy Monday!



What Are You Thankful For?

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