Am I […] Enough?

Oprah’s always talking about becoming your “best self,” and of course that’s our ultimate goal, but most of the time our own insecurities get in the way. The other morning, I received a call from a friend* knee-deep in stress. He had tons of things to do at work.  And, despite the fact that he was efficiently using all of the time in his day, he was worried that he wasn’t working hard enough.  This predicament made me think of conversations with other friends who worried that they weren’t being patient enough with a project, trusting enough in their relationships or, even something as simple as, that they weren’t thin enough to wear their bathing suit in public. Well, I’m all in favor of being our best selves and finding a way to be enough for ourselves. Just imagine how much worry we could cut out…


* They OK’d me sharing this story =)

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