The Intersection

Have you ever missed a turn? You’re going along and maybe, for an instant, you lose focus. Once you come to, you notice that you’re no longer on route to your original destination. At some point we all realize that success is not easily earned. But no matter when the shift takes place, it clicks that hunger brings forth prosperity.  As children we can pursue whatever dreams we have with no concern for external responsibilities (food, housing, family etc). Slowly we come to find that each of those cannot be maintained without hard work. If we’re lucky, once adulthood hits, fate, courage and faith will intersect and provide us with the opportunity to live. Because what is truly living, if not successfully aligning your dreams with your responsibilities?

I hope that even if you miss a turn, you find your way back to the intersection.


*Pardon my sketch!

What Are You Thankful For?

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