If You’re Up at 2am, You Must Have Something on Your Mind

I’ll be honest. In my opinion, there is NO reason to be awake at 2am. Call me old if you wish, but I like to get to bed at a reasonable time (unless there’s no other option). Yesterday evening, friend and founder of WHEW, Sarah Scott, posted a link to the trailer for Miss Representation. The film, written, directed and produced by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, addresses the powerful and, more often that not, negative effect that media has on the development of women’s selves. Miss Representation premiered at Sundance in 2011 and has since been picked up by OWN.

After watching the trailer, I headed to the organization’s website, http://missrepresentation.org,  where I was prompted to make a pledge. I did  so and received a really interesting confirmation email in which they gave suggestions of ways to take immediate action. The suggestions were as follows:

1. Tell 5 people about the film and share one thing you learned from watching it.

2. Parents- watch TV and films with your children.  Raise questions like “What if that character had been a girl instead?”

3. Remember your actions influence others. Mothers, aunts and loved ones- don’t downgrade or judge yourself by your looks. Fathers, uncles and loved ones—treat women around you with respect.  Remember children in your life are watching and learning from you.

4. Use your consumer power. Stop buying tabloid magazines and watching shows that degrade women. Go see movies that are written and directed by women (especially on opening weekend to boost the box office ratings). Avoid products that resort to sexism in their advertising.

5. Mentor others! It’s as easy as taking a young woman to lunch. Start by having open and honest conversations with a young person in your life.


I thought this was pretty cool because they provided ways to contribute without ever asking for money. Anyone interested in making a pledge can follow these suggestions.

Needless to say, the trailer got me thinking. And, given that they allow individuals, businesses, schools and organizations to have screenings, I’m going to look into holding one.

Check out the trailer below, but be careful, it may have you up at 2am thinking as well. Thanks for sharing, Scottie!

It’s great to see filmmakers interested in making a change!


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