A Little Inspiration for the Day!

    It takes a courageous woman to throw away convention and choose a creative career. Halle Richardson, my awesome cousin, has always loved jewelry. One day she decided to follow her passion and now she’s designed some amazing things! My favorite is “Passing the Bar” (pictured below). Halle originally designed this necklace for her sister, Chinue, in honor of her passing the Bar. It represents a tribute to passing a major milestone in life. There are only three in the world and I have one! I wear my necklace all the time and get at least two compliments a day! Halle specializes in custom made pieces and works only with fine metals and jewels. Check out her Website and Blog.
   Halle’s decision to start her own venture keeps me reminded that, if you have a dream you have a chance.

Designed by Halle A. Richardson


What Are You Thankful For?

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